Talent Agency

Hervey/Grimes Talent Agency

is for & full of "working actors"...

Our clients can currently be seen starring in major studio feature films like American Sniper, Magic Mike, Lone Survivor & Paranormal 5 or as supporting roles in Jersey Boys, Django Unchained, Argo & The Call to name just a few. We have series regulars on shows such as Disney's Girl Meets World & FX's Saint George, not to mention countless recurring roles on The Americans, Kingdom, The Brink, Shameless, Parks & Rec., Modern Family, Fakin' It, Justified & Mad Men among numerous others. Plus the countless commercials...

You just can't turn on the TV with out seeing one of our actors...

We work very hard for our clients & we LOVE what we do!  

Marsha Hervey: Owner/Executive

Pam Grimes: Owner/Executive/Agent

Julie Smith: Agent

Jeremy Aluma: Assistiant
Drew Rutland: Assistant